Quality is essential to Fengshi. For us, it is therefore of utmost importance to ensure that the machinery that is in usage has been selected with Quality in mind. At the same time, much focus is also being put on training and maintenance. Training and maintenance ensure that only properly qualified operators are working on machinery that is fully functional and safe to use.

Furthermore, Fengshi’s focus on customer centricity in the design phase also helps us to make even better choices when assessing Design for Manufacturing and Design for Quality parameters upstream.

We believe in jointly setting DfM and DfQ standards with our customers!

Pressing & Bending

At Fengshi Metal Tech we operate a number of solid frame crank link press machines. We generally use this equipment for applications such as: blanking, punching, bending and forming processes on small single works or thin steel plate and progressive die parts.

Laser Cutting

With our Laser cutting equipment we use guided laser beams to achieve extremely accurate cutting dimensions due to the intense and consistent heat applied during the process. While other processes involve applying large-scale tools with enormous power to the sheet metal, the laser beam technology completes its task without any contact. In this way, the tool does not incur wear, and no deformities or damage to the workpiece occur. As a result at Fengshi Metal Tech we have been able to achieve significantly high quality requirements by adopting laser technology within our manufacturing.

Turret Punching

Our Turret Punch machinery enable high flexibly within the manufacturing process within a diverse range of materials. In addition to punching, the equipment is capable of forming sheet metal parts and integrating threads, all on one line. The punching head can turn the tool to any angular position. This minimises setup times and increases productivity and therefore enables lower costs to our customers. Intelligent automation also relieves the operator and increases throughput.


At Fengshi Metal Techn our welding robots are capable of accessing complex joins, while handling extremely high payloads. The equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications such as: laser welding, soldering and cutting. The equipment realises the most efficient and productive forms of welding within manufacturing. Varying requirements are available to meet the demands of our customers.


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Drilling is implemented at Fengshi Metal Tech for mass production. The CNC drilling machine is a multi-functional machine capable of heavy and robust drilling and milling requirements. At Fengshi Metal Tech we leverage economies of scale by minimising the variations of hole diameters per line cycle in order to achieve speed and reduce tool change over times. Due to computer guided drilling technologies the equipment realises a highly accurate and consistent drill performance, which results in high quality levels for our customers.


Colouring and gloss treatment applications add protection and appearance value to end product’s material. At Fengshi Metal Tech our colouring technology meets the highest requirements of quality and efficiency, while at the same time protecting against environmental damage. Colouring is applicable to a wide range of materials at varying viscosity levels. All industrial products can select any colour tone based on our customers requirements.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment is an essential process to protect multi-metal materials from corrosion and wear by coating and anodising the finished material. Our surface treatment chemical solutions meet the highest levels of industry and quality standards. We have extensive experience with closely working with our customers to ensure that any additional material surface protection is also implemented based on their unique requirements.


At Fengshi we believe that in order to ensure the highest levels of quality for our customers manufacturing equipment must be maintained to the highest standards at all times. We take great pride in proactively and systematically maintaining our operational equipment and over time we have experienced that defects have significantly reduced and therefore costs associated with waste have also been reduced resulting in further savings for our customers.






Fengshi Metal Technology harbors considerable expertise in the domain of selecting the right materials and their specification for a particular purpose.

We believe that this expertise is of great value during the design stage.

The joint selection of materials, based on an aligned understanding, can significantly improve the Total Cost of Ownership and Quality.

We wish to co-create with our customers!