Sustainability has been a very prominent part of every company’s way of operating for more than 15 years.  At the same time, CSR standards are continually being re-evaluated and upgraded to better meet the urgent needs for improvements by society and the environment.

Fengshi has set its ambition on being on the forefront of its industry by pursuing four prominent themes within CSR:




At Fengshi the maintenance of a safe work environment for all employees is of utmost importance. Health and safety matters are closely tied to the fair treatment of employees by complying with all labor laws and societal expectations.





As an industrial company, Fengshi is conscious of its responsibility to protect the environment we all live in. Utilizing renewable energies, eliminating emissions and using the most eco-friendly production methods are core to Fengshi’s contribution to sustaining our environment.




In today’s world of interdependencies, we believe that the private business sector, government bodies, academic institutions and Non Governmental Agencies (NGOs) should closely align their activities to jointly server the communities we are part of.




Acting in accordance with the law, universal human values and moral is what guides the behavior of all Fengshi employees at all times.